Late last night or the before there

Late Last Night Or The Night Before
There Was A Man Standing At My Door
I Didn’t Know Who He Was Or What He Was Doing
For His Breathing Was As Harsh As A Possessed Baby’s Cooing
I Noticed He Had An Axe In Hand
And Walked Like A Broken Rubber Band
I Was Scared, Who Wouldn’t Be
Filled With Panic, I Couldn’t See
I Opened My Mouth As If I Had Something To Say
But Nothing Came Out Because I Knew I Would Die Today
My Body Got Cold, Preparing To Die
In An Instant The Man Disappeared With A Sigh
In My Room Feeling No Pain
It Must Have Been A Dream, I Wasn’t Insane
I Am Floating Over My Bed Surrounded By A White Beam
Looking Down At My Body, Ripped From Its Seam