Love is a beginning middle and end

Love Is A Beginning, Middle And End
A Journey To The Stars, A Toast To The Past
Love Is The Hope With Every Word Said
And A Bond That Will Forever Last
In That Journey I-‘ve Learned So Much
And Now I Hear The Sweetest Sound
Dreaming As Our Hearts Do Touch
Though You-‘re Never Really Around
Love Is A Clear Energy Of Truth Within
A Spark Of The Sun, A Dance In The Night
Love Is The Freedom That You Want To Live
And A Feeling That Whispers From The Light
In That Truth You Make Me Want To Breathe
I-‘ll Always Desire, Hold And Cherish You
No Matter How Long You Take, I’ll Still Believe
This Surge Of Fire Is Shared Between Us Two
Love Is Like A Feather Dancing In The Wind
Floating, Falling And Free In The Sky So Blue
It-‘s Never Feeling Like You-‘re Living In Sin
Love Is Always Honest, Kind And True