Loving can be a matter of senses

Loving Can Be A Matter Of Senses
To Know How To Love Is Joy Of The Heart
That Looks Above All For Pleasures
This Often Desires Eagerly To Serve
When One Loves Suspects And Jealousies
Appear On The Surface
But As Soon As How To Love Is Known
The Indulgence Rises And Trust Is Born
Who Loves Is Present To Himself
Who Knows How To Love Easily Forgets
Loving Means To Look For The Inner Self
To Know How To Love Is To Find Oneself In The Other
That Is A Limitation And This An Expansion
To Love A Surprise Becomes
But To Know How To Love Is A Conquest
Who Loves Possesses A Treasure
And Who Knows How To Love Divides Smilingly
That Puts In Light A Person
This Illuminates The Whole World
And If To Love Often Drags With Itself
Words With Fragments Of Dream And Lightnings Of Desire
To Know How To Love Means To Pronounce The More
Difficult Words Of Love
But To Love Is In All The Seasons
Really Knowing How To Love
Is To Love Through The Pains