Make a wish it8217s your only one

Make A Wish It’s Your Only One It Could Be Your Last
I What I Hear When The Gun Is To My Head Everytime
Then The Thoughts Going Through My Death Or Life
Then I Hear Prepare For Death
It Will Be Quick And Painless Then After Death Your
Back In The Shoes Of The Other Persons Thinking
Should I Kill Them Or Should I Let Them Go Live There
Pathetic Life To Never Know What Happiness Is
Then I Pull The Triggar Ending Up That I Was He Killer Along
Feeling Strang Inside Is This What It Feels Like To Take
Someones Life Its Tearing Me To Sheds Inside Knowing What
I Did
Click, Click, Bloods Everywere Seeing The Red Pool Get Bigger
And Bigger Click, Click, Boom The Red Pool Will Get
Bigger Knowing You Took Your Life Knowing You Killed Me
Live To Die