Man of my dream love life please

Man Of My Dream,
Love Of My Life,
Please Come Home To Me,
This House Is Never A Home,
Without You Here To Bring Life To It,
Silence Is A Big Monster,
Is Capturing Me Alive,
Hurry, Hurry Home To Rescue Me,

By The 16th,
It Will Be Two Years Since We Have Seen Each Other’s Face.
I Miss Your Simle,
The Passion Fire In Your Eyes,
When You Say You Are So In Love With Me.
I Don’t Know How I Have Gone Through All These Dreadful Days And Night.
All I Know Is That
My Love For You Keeps Me Strong,
My Steadfast Faith In Us Tunes Out All The Negative Noises,
Man Of My Dream,
Love Of My Life,
Hurry Hurry Back Home To Me,
I Am Waiting For You
I Regret So Much To Give Back,
My Micky Sleeping So Peacefully In The Bed,
The Sweet And Gentle Lullaby,
So Much Like The Loving Gaze In Your Eyes,
Honey, I Was So Immature,
Next Time I Want You Bring Micky Back.
No Matter What Have Happened To Us,
When We Finally Kiss And Embrace,
I Know We Will Break All The Dark Spells And Evil Curses.
Everyting Will Suddenly Shine,
Just Like In The Fairly Tales.
Man Of My Dream,
Love Of My Life,
I Am Calling Your Name,
Hurry, Hurry Back Home To Me,
Chase Away All The Perverts Around Me, Monsters, And Those Peeked Into My Window Hiding In Night Of Darkness.
Man Of My Dream,
Love Of My Life,
Please Please Hurry Back,
All My Life,
I Have Been Through So Much Pain
And Suffered All Kind Of Misery,
I Know That Now,
True Love And Happiness Got To Be Rushing On The Road Towards Us,
It Is Due Time,
It Has To Be So Near,
The Minute You Ring My Door Bell,
Blessings From Heaven Will Start To Shower Upon Us.
I Am Going To Share Heaven On Earth With You.