My dog with leash in mouth woke

My Dog With Leash In Mouth,
Woke Me From My Deepest Sleep.
His Dark Brown Eyes Spoke Volumes,
Although He Did Not Speak.
I Want To Chase The Wild Hare
And Run Him To The Ground.
When I’ve Finally Caught Him
We’ll Laugh And Roll Around.’
‘I Want To Run The Tall Grass
As The Wind Blows Back My Ears.
Please Let Me Chase The Wild Hare,
For I’ve Not Left Many Years.’
‘I Want To Splash Into The Creek
And Chase The Birds Away.
As They Chatter Down At Me
I’ll Bark At Them And Say; ‘
‘I Have Chased The Wild Hare.
I Ran Him To The Ground,
And When I Finally Caught Him,
We Laughed And Rolled Around.’
‘And Then I Ran The Tall Grass
While A Breeze Blew Back My Ears.
So Chatter All You Want,
For I’ve Not Left Many Years.’
So I Left My Peaceful Slumber
And Stumbled Out To Meet The Day.
I Took Him To The Grassy Field
So He Could Run And Play.
His Old Grey Muzzle Lifted As He
Stood And Sniffed The Air.
Then Suddenly, With Tail Held High,
He Ran With Abandon There.
He Barked And Ran As He Once Did
Before The Black Hairs Turned To Grey.
Then He Found A Shaded Spot To
Rest From His Long And Playful Day.
I Know That He Is In A Place
Where Fields Are Lush And Green.
Where Cooling Streams Run Their Course.
Where Above Him Birds Do Sing.
I Know He Chases The Wild Hare
And Runs Him To The Ground.
When They’ve Caught Each Other,
They Laugh And Roll Around