My life after death love in another

My Life After Death,
My Love In Another Universe
For You My Heart Will Always Burn
I Couldn-‘t Have You In This Lifetime
I Wished So Much For You To Be Mine
But We Promised To Be Together Again
Longing For This Day I Will Remain
It Was Not So Long Ago We Were Together
We Entered Each Other-‘s Hearts And Will Hold That Place Forever
Things Just Got Too Complicated-Â….
Letting You Go Was Something I Hated
I Loved You So Much And Will Always Do
No One Is More Precious To Me Than You!
No One Can Hold The Flame I Have In My Heart
You Lit My Candle Right From The Start
From Our Very First Kiss
To The Seconds That I Today Miss
You Will Always Be The One
The One I Adore And So Much Love
I Wish You Could Hold Me In Your Arms And Leave Me Never
Keep Me In That Place Now And Forever
Endless Love To Me I Wish You Would Make
What Ever Is Mine, Is Yours To Take!
I Am Not Just Saying These Words To You,
I Am Quoting Them, Cause I Feel Them To Be True.
Just Like The Love I Have To Give
You Are My Life, You Are Helping Me Live
You-‘re In My Thoughts All Of The Time,
Oh I Would Die To Be Your Wife,
I Wish I Could Say These Words To Your Face,
Oh Sh*T-Â… I Guess I-‘m Too Late.
We Promised To Be Eachother-‘s In Another Life
If I Knew It Were True I Would Slit My Throat With A Knife
That-‘s How Far I Am Willing To Go
If You Would Only Open Your Eyes, You Would See And Know,
Just How Much You Mean To Me
Saying Goodbye Was Never Our Scene
From Our Very First Touch
Till Our Very Last Embrace
Every Time I Think Of Our Moments,
My Heart Starts To Race,
When You Are In My Thoughts
My Heart And My Body Are No Longer Mine
No I Don-‘t Worry, And No I Don-‘t Mind!
I Am Glad To Be Yours And Surrender Myself To You,
As I Said, -Å—any Thing For You I-‘m Willing To Do-
I Would Give Up My Sight Just To See You
I Would Cut Off My Hands Just To Touch You,
I Would Tear Out My Heart So That You Would Know How I Feel,
For The Love I Have For You Is Nothing But Real!
Its Just Too Bad,
And It Makes Me Feel So Sad,
That Today I Have Lost Something So Strong,
Its Not Fair, It Didn-‘t Even Last Long,
But I Am Glad We Had The Moments We Shared
The Love We Hold Is One That-‘s Rare.
Neither Of Us Could Believe
No Matter How Strong Our Love Was We Would Continue To Give And Receive.
What We Had Was More Than Enough
That-‘s Why Saying Goodbye Was Really Tough,
I Wish I Could Send This Poem To You By Mail,
But To Receive A Reply, I Know It Would Fail.
So I Would Keep My Thoughts To Myself
My Burning Heart Is Becoming A Melt,
Which Is Good In A Way
Cause It Means I Would Die
And Finally I Will Find You
Right There By My Side,
In The Place Where You Belong
In The Place I Have Been Waiting For Oh So Long.
Waiting To Die Is Something I Wouldn-‘t Mind To Do
If It Means In Another Life, Having You!
You Are More Than Worth The Wait
In This Lifetime It Might Be Too Late
But Our Time Together Is Not That Far Away
I-‘m Longing For That Moment To Have You Again,
I Know I Still Have The Lo