My love for u is like a

My Love For U Is Like A River
U Never Know What’s Around The Corner
Or What’s Inside It
But I Do Know 1 Thing About It
It Is Forever Urs
So Please Keep It Within Ur Heart And
Cherrish It For The Rest Of Ur Life
If U Do Not Then It Will Have To Break
For It Is U That Lies Deep Within-Side It
So Without U Here With Me
I’m No Longer Ahole,
I’m Just An Empty Soul.
For It Is U I Love,
My One And Only.
I’ll Cherrish U, Hold U, And Protect U
When U R Scared,
But I Just Want To Let U Know That I’m
Always Here For U And I Always Will
Be For The Rest Of Our Lives Together.
If I Were To Die Tomorrow,
Wether It Be Sad Or Happy,
U Know That I Love U From The Bottom Of
My Soul, Where This Poem
Came From
I Love U So Much My Heart Aches With Pain,
I Can Feel My Love For U Pulsing Passionately
Through My Veins
I Don’t Want Money Or Satisfaction Of Mu Desires,
Nor To Let U Fall And Me Not Be There To Catch
U When U Land.
I Don’t Want U To Look Like A Fool,
For This Feeling For U Is Truely Genuine And Always Will
It Is All These Things I Do Not Need,
Just Ur Love, Comfort And Ur Dedicated Soul,
Its Only These I Need,
To Keep Myself Whole,
Just These Things,
Nothing Else,
Just U,
My One And Only.