My love for you really never dies

my love for you really never dies even now
weve go on our different paths when id answered
yes theres no lies because i love you and you know
its for lifetime sea of faces are against our relationship
but we tried to hold on for this is for real…
locked my self in my room bursting out my anger
for you you told me you love me more than i know
More… but why could you left me all alone…
a friend told me you still liove me but i never
believed unless it was you who would utter those words to me…..
phone rangs id answered but no one speaks not
knowing it was you and cant even sleep……
I LOVE YOU inspite of what happened in a whils its
really hard situation to be in love with someone with all your
heart but never fight for your love takes u for granted and had never reciprocated it….

by bianca17