My view is still no movement flows

My View Is Still No Movement Flows,
My Life Is Still, A Feeling Grows,
A Feeling, It Is Nice To Feel,
And Through It My Heart Heals.
Though Its Dark Everything I Can See,
Through The Moonlight Nothing Is Unknown To Me.
It Is This Light That Brings About,
And It Is This What Takes Me Away From The Crowd.
Silence Is What Brings Me Peace,
And I Wish This Moment Would Freeze,
A Tear Slowly Rolls Down My Cheek,
And My Pain Slowly Takes A Leave,
Now My Sufferings Are All Gone,
Now A New Me I Have Found.
A New Start My Life Will Take,
And No More Mistakes I Will Make,
I Have Taken Time To Learn My Lesson,
I Promise To Be A Better Person,
No More Decisions I Will Make In Vain,
Iam Just Learning To Learn From My Pain