Never to fathom what a difference shed

Never To Fathom
What A Difference She-‘d Make
Through His Intervention
Hearts Would‚  Partake
Never To Fathom
Heart Link Would It Be
This Texas Lady And Me

Never To Fathom
How She Changed Who I Am
Colored And Opened Me
To Much More Of A Man
Never To Fathom
A Love Felt So Deep
Gifted To Us With Questions
Just How Do We Keep?
Never To Fathom
Her Air So Sweet
Her Soul I Am Tied To
Her Heart With I Beat
Never To Fathom
Could Write Volumes Of Lore
Not Even Starting To Mention
My Devotion-‘s Core
Never To Fathom
How You Live In My Wake
And Every Night In My Dreams
For You I Do Ache
Never To Fathom
A Heart Link Forever
This Emotional Soul Mate
Is A‚  Lifetime Endeavor
Never To Fathom
One Day We Might Part
No More Words From Our Mouths
Yet Alive In Our Heart
Never To Fathom
Couldn-‘t Possibly Know
How Much I Love Her
Head Over Heels And Toe
Never To Fathom How I Want To Live My Life
Holding You Close As I Do
You May Never Fathom What You Mean To Me
But I Know How Much I Mean To You
by Noahotps‚