No more do i see the starlight

No More
Do I See The Starlight Caress Your Hair
No More
I See The Things We Use To Share
As I Close My Eyes
Clearly My Heart Remembers
A Thousand Goodbyes
Could Never Put Out The Embers
And My Darling I Love You So.
Since You Left
My Nights Were Dark And Cold
I Spend It All Alone
My World Is Cold And Still
My Dreams Is Unfulfilled
But I Never Stop Loving You.
I Miss You Tonight
I-‘ll Miss You Forever
I-‘ll Be Waiting For You
Each Moment That We-‘re Apart
You-‘re Never Out Of My Heart.
I Sit In My Room
Looking Out Of The Window
My Tears Is Like Crystals
I-‘m Thinking Of You
If I Could Tell You
What I Long To Do
Things We Used To Do
I-‘m So Lonely And Blue
Trying To Get Along
Without You.