No one knows that deep inside this

No One Knows That Deep Inside This Body Traps A Little Girl,
Crying In A Corner With A Flesh Wound,
Waiting To Be Saved By The Right One,
Wishing To Feel Loved And Above Your Concern,
Wishing To Get The Attention Of Her One Love.

No One Knows That Deep Down Inside
This Body I Feel Betrayed,
Knowing How Low My Confidence Is,
Knowing How Weird I Must Seem,
Knowing My Sexuality Only Being The Blame.
Why Can’t Anyone Except Me?
The Little Girl Cries.
No One Knows That My Eyes Are Deep Of Wonder,
Wondering When That Right Person Will Come,
Unwillingly Sweeping Me Off My Feet.
A Happy Ending Was All I Wanted,
But She Destroyed It For Me,
The Dreams I Have Are Dashed,
Now In My Heart Is A Huge Gash.
Help, I’m Losing Myself.
The Little Girl Shakes With Terror And Fear.
No One Knows My Thoughts,
My Evilest Ways To Take Revenge,
My Best Ways To Wish It All Pretend,
The Way I Seem To Randomly Laugh All The Time,
The Cleverest Way To Act As If Everything Is Fine,
But How Deep On My Skin Tiny Cuts Hide,
Deep When I Think Suicide Is Best,
For No One Will Help Me,
Little Girl, Dying For The One Who She Wants To Caress…
Tyease Collins