No star moon but a cloudy night

No Star, No Moon, But A Cloudy Night,
A Struggle Of Thoughts Going On,
But Your Support Making Me Feel Light,
A Thunder Is Near To Come This Night,
But One Has Already Taken Over Me,
Leaving The Dilemna Whether I M Right,
Wish To Decorate This Relation With Words,
Dont Want To Give It A Name,
Its Strong Like My Will, Not Lame,
We Ve Loved More Than Lovers.
I M Filled With Ecstasy,
That U Always Showers,
We Have Been Close More Than A Husband & A Wife,
We Ve Lived D Golden Moments Of Our Life
O Love..! Time & Life Taking Me Away,
But I Ve Your Unconditional Love, All My Way,
But We Both Know Love Never Dies,
Our Soul Is Immortal Where It Lies,
If Destiny Doesn’t Make Us One,
I ‘Ll Keep This Bond . I ‘Ll Never Shun,
Wherever I M , Wherever ‘Ll Be U,
With Whom So Ever We ‘Ll, This Love Will Remain True