Raindrops as they fall by make me

Raindrops”, As They Fall By, They Make Me Cry
They Make Me Think About Someone, I Dont Know Why?
That Rainy Night, I Cant Ever Forget,
But I Could Feel That Some Disaster Was Coming, That Will Make Me Regret.
People Say Rain Is Romantic, Thats What I Wanted To Feel,
Suddenly A Call Came For Him And He Went Outside Leaving My Hand
His Leaving My Hand Had Some Magnetic Touch To It
That Made My Heart Shake For A While,
He Was Standing In The Door, Talking On The Phone
I Sitting On The Couch Kept Looking At His Sparkling Eyes
His Hands Moving As He Talked, Him Moving From Here To There,
I Know He Was Noticing Me Also, By The Corner Of His Eyes,
He Came Back And Sat Next To Me,
His Tender Touch, His Sweet Talks I Felt, Made Me Shiver
I Wnate To Say A Lot, I Wanted To Hear A Lot
But Words I Could Not Find, Were Jus Dissappered
I Wanted Him To Know My Feelings Of Luv
What My Lips Could Not Say,But It All Reflected In My Eyes
For A Second I Felt Like The World Was Perfect
And There Was No Room For Sadness…..
We Talked And Talked For Hours, Drinking The Coffe He Made.
His Being Like A Gentleman And Taking Care Of Me
Nothing More I Wanted, Nothing More I Craved About
Yes The World Was All Here Right In Front Of Me
I Didnt Want The Moments To Ever Last,
The World To Go On The Way It Was
I Felt That Was A Perfect Evening And Suddenly:
It Started To Rain Like A Disaster And I Had To Head Home.
Was It A Time For Us To Depart I Really Didn’t Know
His Hands In Mine And Then On The Way, A Request Was Made,
That Could Not Be Fulfilled Just Because…..
Suddenly My Hand Was Shook And I Could Not Understand,
This Was Like When We Have Sand In Our Hand,
The Moments, Time And Feelings,
The More I Wanted To Hold Them Tight. Slipped Like Sand Through The Fingers.
I Said Bye And Heard Response Back Saying Goodbye
Somethng I Couldnt Beleive Until Today.
I Wanted To Get A Real Tight Hug For The Shattered Feelings,
I Could Not Describe Or Say Anything…
It Was Time For Us To Walk Away …….
As I Was Going, I Turned And Gave A Hug And Kiss
And It Was The Last Time We Were Together,
It Was Raining Too Hard That Hid My Tears……..
My Eyes All Red Said So Much But No One To Understand……….
Like The Car Went Away From Me….He Was Also Gone
Very Very Far And Not To Return..
I Knew This Is The Last Time…….
We Were Together…….Ever……
Till The End Of The Curve To The Road I Stood There
And Watched Him Leaving Forever…..
For Next So Much Time I Was Still At The Crossside……
Thinking What Really Had Happend……….
People Looking At Me, And I Was Helpless……..
I Thanked God That It Was Raining That Night……..
That Hid My Tears………And Like They Say
My Eyes Had Water But Heart Had Fire………What A Combination!
So The Rain Makes Me Blue, When I Think Of You……..
Raindrops Make Me Cry, I Still, Dont Know Why??