Red rimmed eyes set in a tear

Red Rimmed Eyes Set In A Tear Stained Face
Shaking Her Mommy, She Will Not Awaken
Shoulders Shaking With Each Terrified Sob
Her Tiny Hands And Dress Stained With Blood

Chaos And Confusion Adding To The Terror
As Mommy Is Carried To The Ambulance
Two Children Too Terrified To Utter A Sound
Holding Each Other For Security And Comfort
No More Tears Left To Cry Yet Still They Flow
Little Limbs Now Bathed In Bandages And Plaster
Doctors And Sweet Nurses Try To Comfort Them
Mommy Is Alright, You Will See Her Tomorrow
Tis More Than Two Years Since That Night
Yet Still The Nightmares Come To Visit Her
Sitting, Holding And Singing Till At Last Asleep
How Long Must She Continue To Relive That Night.