She prays to god give her some

She Prays To God To Give Her Some Solace,
As The World Misses Her Innocent Perfection,
And I Wonder If She Has Died Yet.
I Would Finnaly Bring Myself To Cry If She Did…..
Each Time I Obscure Myself Into The Darkness
I Lose A Small Fragment Of My Consciousness.
My Light Has Been Safely Locked Away,
And Every Time I Peer Inside
I Have To Ask Myself
‘Am I Truly Alone’
Human Feelings Are So Transparent
The Closer I Get The More Isolated I Am,
And The More Pain Tha I Bear,
The Less That I Try To Shed The Heavy Tears.
My Black Thoughts Are Gestating Into Even Darker Dreams,
Each Second Of Each Day
I Feel Like The Heartsrings Of My Sanity Is Unraveling
Lets Savor This Moment
As The Beauty Sets Into The Dusk
Somedays I Bleed And Others I Just Die
So Lets Just Savor These Moments
As Long As My Light Is Safe,
I Don’t Care If The Ghosts, Consume The Pieces.
I Just Hope That Her Prayers Are Answered