She sat at her computer and typed

She Sat At Her Computer And Typed With Frantic Haste
There Was So Much She Needed To Say And So Little Time
Her Heart Poured Out So Easily Through Her Fingers
As The Words Appeared On The Screen Before Her

She Filled Her Screen With Her Words Of Affection
Then Waited Anxiously For Him To Type His Reply
Her Heart Skipped As His Reply Appeared Before Her
She Read And Reread His Words Of Endearment
Then Hurried To Reply As Her Heart Beat Quickly
With Her Emotions Building Higher With Every Word
Telling How She Yearned To Be Able To Touch Him
Longed To Be Able To See Him, To Gaze Into His Eyes
Her Heart Cried With Sorrow, Tinged With A Little Fear
Of Being Forward, Having Said Too Much Too Soon
Her Emotions, Now Too Strong, Gave Her No Choice
She Had To Speak Of What Was Deep Within Her Heart
The Pain Of Lost Loves Still Lingers Inside Her Soul
But She Is A Woman And So Was Born To Be Loved
She Craves Love As The Flower Needs The Spring Rain
For Without Love A Woman Cannot Truly Be Complete
Gone Was Her Shyness As Words Flowed From Her Heart
As She Described The True Depth Of Her Emotions For Him
Reading His Reply Her Heart Leapt With Magnificent Joy
There On The Screen Before Her Was His Rely, I Love You