She8217s sitting alone eyes in a daze

She’s sitting alone, eyes in a daze
Her life a map of confusion, her world like a maze
She holds her head high and wipes back the tears
The words I don’t love you echo in her ears
She clasps her hands and bows her head
Is my life over or am I simply dead?
A beautiful woman has taken his heart
He wanted beauty instead of her smarts
She hears their baby crying she knows what to do
From now on kid, it’s just me and you
Two years later while walking the street
A handsome young man she did happen to meet
He looked in her eye and stopped in confusion
Was this lady real, or just another illusion?
He asked for a date right there on the street
She glanced at her shoes and said what time will we meet?
Six months later and a small engagement band
That man got down on his knees and asked for her hand
That woman smiled while her daughter screamed yes!
One year later she walked the aisle in a white dress
Happiness was found that day on the street
With that handsome stranger she happened to meet
Together they live in a small little town
Embracing the love they both had found
Now, sixty years later and I love you so
He held that woman’s hand saying although you are leaving, I’ll never let you go…