Shes a mad ass fool desperate freak

She-‘s A Mad Ass Fool
A Desperate Freak
She Waves A Flag Of Her Solid, Immovable Self
Not A Care In The World, Barely Crying-–so Fragile, So Weak.
She-‘s Content, And Smiling, And Lucky,
She Ain-‘t What-‘s Going On In Her Head.
-Å—it-‘s Alright, - She Says.
And Whispers A Bleak: -Å—i-‘m Better Off Dead-
Hers Is A Laughter Of Pure Ecstasy-–
A Chaste, Unthinkable Bribe.
She Hides Her Monsters Underneath Her Bed,
She Lets Them Eat Her Up Alive.
The Walls Around Her Are Swelling
Slowly She Grows Into A Huge, Colossal Dust.
The Winds Of Grudges And Self-Infliction Fractures Her,
She-‘s Shrinking-Â… And Fast.
She-‘s A Good-For-Nothing,
A Kin And Dazzling Coward-Underneath.
Unable To Speak. Unable To Feel-Â… Unable To Breathe