So many silent tears run from my

So Many Silent Tears Run From My Eyes
Whenever We Scream, Every Time We Fight
I Wonder Where Is The Love In Our Life?
Where-‘s The Feeling That Everything-‘s Alright

Where Is The Desire That Enveloped Us
The Need I Crave So Much In His Sight
Where Is The Person Who Hated To Be Upset
Someone Who Would Go And Set Things Right
I Search For My Prince Who Swept Me Off My Feet
A Dream Of My Saviour, My Lover, My Knight
I Miss You So Much, You Hurt Me So Much
I Want To Go Back And Turn Everything Alright
You Pull Me Close When I-‘m Sad And Hurt
You Pull Me Close And Embrace Me Tight
I Want To Turn Away From You And Your Love
How Can I Resist Your Lips, And Your Lovebite
I Want To Push You Away From My World
But You Are My Final Wish, You Are My Light
You Apologize For Your Mistake With A Smile
I Fall In Love Again When You Kiss Me Goodnight