Thank you for making me your one

thank You For Making Me Your One And Only,
And Forgetting Me When You Found Someone Better.
Thank You For Letting Me Give You My Heart,
And Shredding It With Lies, Leaving The Pieces Tattered And Torn.
Thank You For Kissing Me Like We Would Never End,
And Kissing Her The Same.
Thank You For Telling Me You Loved Me And Making Me Believe It,
Even Though It Wasn’t True.
Thank You, For You Were The Only One That Could Bring A Smile To My Trusting Lips
Although You Always Seemed To Make Me Cry.
Thank You For Telling Me Sweet Nothings That Made My Heart Filled With Joy
Even If All Those Things Weren’t True.
Thank You, Because If You Hadn’t Told All Those Lies,
I Might Have Trusted A Liar As Quickly As I Trusted You.
Thank You For Breaking My Heart So Many Painful Times,
Without All That Pain I Wouldn’t Have The Strength I Have Today.
Thank You For Making Me A Better Person,
You Helped Me To Look Past A Persons Words, And Into His Actions
Thank You For Showing Me The Things I Don’t Want In A Relationship.
Maybe Now I Will Get Out Before It’s To Late.
Thank You,
Without You, I Wouldn’t Be Me.
by katiesue7‚