The fear i8217m holding it hidden but

The Fear
I’m Holding It Hidden
But It Brings Out Its Nasty Face Over And Over Again.
The Scream Is Getting Loud
What Shall I Do?
It Takes My Spirit
My Soul
I Can Hardly Breathe.

The Fear
It’s Waiting In The Shadow
It Talks To Me.
I Don’t Wanna Hear
But The Voice Is Coming Closer
My Heart Is Beating Fast.
The Fear Is Screaming For An Answer.
I Want Some Help
I See The Night-‘s Eyes In The Dark
The Fear Has Gotten Into Me
But I Can’t Touch It.
The Soul Is Burning
The Heart Is Beating
The Fear Is Everywhere
In Every Bone Of My Body
I Can Feel The Sweat
I’m Scared.
I’m Scared Of The Fear.
Everything Is Gone
But The Fear.
I Can Not Break The Fear
It-‘s Here To Stay…