The mystery of love is beyond description

The Mystery Of Love Is Beyond Description
We All Love What We Loose Most
And Loose What We Love Most.
Perfection Is Desired But Not Required

Love Was Never Blind But Only And
Only Blind People Fall In Love
Must Be Blind To Enjoy Love
Mistakes Seen Only Destroys Love
We Hold Dear The People We Love Most
But Are They There To Hold Us Close?
We Abandon The Truth Of Living
Coz We Never Want To Loose Our Love.
Love Shown In Excess Becomes A Snare
For No One But Its Exhibitor
Truely,Love Is Odd When You Get Even
But Must We Cry When We Love?
Never Let Go Until Its Over
Never Hold On When Its Over
Never Stay In When Its Doubtful
Only Steadfast When Its Worth It.
Jealousy Is Love Coz Love Is Jealous
Yet It Destroys Itself By Itself
Learn To Love And Learn To Be Blind
Be Ready To Cry When You’re Ready To Love
Love Is Not Perfect,Dont Make It
Coz The More You Look,The Less You See
Those Who Love Most Often Time Die Young
Enjoy Each Tick Of Your Being Alive.