The power of words that we speak

The Power Of Words That We Speak
Can Comfort A Child Encourage A Stranger
Or Find A Friend To Keep I Have Spoke Many Words
To You As You Have Spoke Many Words
With Me Too When You Or I
Have Tears In Our Eyes Words Of Comfort Between Us
We Share We Reach Out To Each Other
Because It Is For Each Other We Care Starting Out As Strangers
A Long Time Ago Giving Words Of Encouragement
As We Spoke Of Our Tales Of Woe Laughing Together
Brought Sadness To An End Someone Told Me Once Before
To Have A Full Heart You Must Start With A Friend My Heart Has Been Filled
To Over Flowing There Is A Feeling Inside
That Is Forever Now Growing Like Two Children We Were
Lost In A World Of Hate Was This Something
We Were Caught Inside Forever Or Could We Escape
Two Friends We Have Become And Now Can You See
You Have Taken All The Sadness Away From Me
First We Spoke Words To A Stranger Then To A Friend
But Now, Even More We Have Shared The Words
That Two Hearts Must Explore Three Little Words
That Can Move Mountains Or Lift You Up So High
Three Little Words That Can Chase The Pain Away
And Give The Soul A Gentle Sigh The Feeling Was There
And I Think We Already Knew
Those Three Little Words I Love You