The sun is slowly fading twilight silently

The Sun Is Slowly Fading
Twilight Silently Slips In
The Smell Of Honeysuckle
Waifs Through The Air
On The Wings Of A Gentle Spring Breeze
Sitting Here Amidst Such Beauty
As Night Begins To Fall
My Thoughts They Drift To You My Love
To The Touch Of Your Loving Hands
To The Tender Sweetness Of Your Lips
As We Lock In A Passionate Kiss
I Miss You Darling Most Of All
When The Silver Moon Is Riding High
I Long To Have You Here With Me
As The Stars Sparkle In The Midnight Skies
As Night Birds Sing Their Melody
Of A Love Eternally True
I Long To Hold You In My Arms
Long To Say That I Love You
When At Last I Rest My Head
Upon My Pillows Soft And Deep
I Long For You To Lie Beside Me
Drifting Together Into Peaceful Sleep
by Elizabeth_M‚