There are 2 voices in a relationship

There Are 2 Voices
In A Relationship,
There Are 2.
And This Relationship
Has Not Been Led
By 1 Voice.
Because There Are 2.
What Ever 1 Said
The Other Must Have Agreed To
Because There Are 2.
And We 2 Are In
A Relationship
That Has Toppled
And Changed,
Yet So Few Words
Actually Exchanged
Because Hard Words
Are Hard To Put Into Words,
1 Has Forgotten The Other
1 In The 2 Because The
2 Has Noone Other Than
Each Other,
And That Will Never Change
As This Gets Bigger Than
Either Can Say.
So Does 1 Blame
The Other, Or Could 2
Find Pieces And Glue
Them Together Together
Because This Is A Relationship
And In A Relationship
There Are 2