There are so many things happening these

There Are So Many Things
Happening These Days.
Wars, Human Suffering,
Anguish, Loss, Hopelessness;
All Good Reasons To Be
Resigned To The Depravity
And Fall Of Man
And Then…..
I See Her Face.
Her Face, Aglow With Innocence,
The Spirit Of Life; Life In Its Prime.
She Is Beauty, She Is Laughter;
I Feel Alive And Invigorated,
As If Injected With
Nectar Of The Gods;
Given A Sweet Taste Of Heaven.
All Else Pales.
Perhaps, In This, There Is Reason
To Go On ….
A Reason To Plan For Tomorrow;
To Be Strong Today And Live,
Determined To Overcome
The Darkness Of Our Times;
Found In The Faces Of Our Children.
We Endure,
We Continue;
We Live For Them.
Carolyn Brunelle