These hands i clasp together they are

These Hands I Clasp Together
They Are Joined Together To Pray
As I Fall On My Knees
I Bend My Head
And Say

Father, You Said You Would Stay
Never To Leave Or Forsake Us
From The Beginning
To The Very Last Day
No Matter How Horrible Dark Or Gray
Beside Me , Never Would You Stray
So, I Now Come To You
Just Simply To Say
These Hands Are Joined Together
In Recognition Of My Belief
That To You, I Can Come Today
Just To Say Thanks And Seek Releif,
Forgiveness For One Who
Will Somettimes Stray
Thank You Dear Lord,
Without You I Am Nothing
You Are My Strength
My Vision, The Light Unto My Feet
The One Who Taught Me About Loving
So, Again These Hands I Clasp Together
Just To Say Thanks
I Have The Chance Everday
With You To Speak
Simply Fall On My Knees
And Pray