They always try to be beautiful n

They Always Try To Be Beautiful,
N When U Appreciate Them.
Then They Say U R A Flirt.
Bcoz They Don’t Know How Much Painful,
Is 2 Some1′s Heart Hurt.
They R Full Of Nonsense,
But If U Rectify Them.
They Will Say U 2 B Oversmart.
But They Have N Common Sense,
This They Sud Know By Heart.
They Try 2 B Very Hot,
But If U Tell Them Not 2 Be,
They Will Say U R Dying Of Jealousy.
But Like Them R Found A Lot,
This They Sud See.
They R Loveble,
But If U Love Them,
On Their Beauty They Atart Having Proud.
They Check Ur Patience Till D Limit Of D Game,
Bcoz They Want 2 Have By Their Lovers A Crowd.