They say misery loves company well i

They Say Misery Loves Company Well I Guess I Was Your Company.
You Begged Me Please But I Knew Once I Did I Would Do It Again To Myself.
So You Did It. Right In Front Of Me, It Killed The Very Last Bit Of Me.
Even Though I Was Screaming As Loud As I Could Till Was Lungs Were Raw
And Sore It Wasn-‘t Enough, No Matter What I Do It Will Never Be Enough.
My Screams For You To Stop Just Seemed Like A Distant Faint Worm,
Their Only Use Was A Meager Attempt To Drown Out The Sounds,
All I Could Hear Was That Horrible Sound Of The Bullet Slowly Cracking Through Your Face.
I Wish To God That You Would Have Let Me Help You.
All Your Pain And Suffering Was To Much For You To Handle All On Your Own.
Why Did You Wait So Long? Why Didn-‘t You Try To Get Help?
You Know I Was Hurting! What About Me! Now It-‘s Much To Late.
You Are Already Deep Down In The Ground.
Worms And Maggots Crawling All About,
Through Your Empty Eye Sockets,
You Hallow Mouth That Will Never Breath Life Again.
The Sweet Softly Beautiful Mouth That I Will Never Kiss Again.
What Do They Say Again -ŗsix Feet Under-, What A Coincidence,
I-‘m Exactly Six Foot Now But Then Again You Wouldn-‘t Know.
I Will Never Find Another One To Love The Same As I Did With You.
I Will Love You Till The End Of The World And Back.
Many Nights I Lay Awake Hoping To Die Just So
I Can Leave What We Hated So Much And Then I-‘ll Be With You.
Thank You For Making Me Promise You I Wouldn-‘t.
I Would Never, Knowning It Would Hurt You So Much.