This love makes us crazy what you

This Love Makes Us Crazy,
What You See Ahead Has Become Hazy;
Perplexed And Unconscious You Are,
You Can-‘t See Because She Has Gone Too Far;

I Know You Love Me So Much,
Because I Could Feel You In Every Touch;
Oh Baby, Don-‘t Go So Far Away,
Because It Turns Into Such A Lonely Day;
Can-‘t Sit And Just Dream Of You,
Because It Kills Me To Miss You;
Your Presence In My Heart Is So Overwhelming,
In My Ears, In My Heart, I Can Hear Your Voice Sing;
And I-‘m Ready To Leave Everything,
For You-Â…
My Life, My Past, I Can Sacrifice,
I Realize,
It-‘s A Game Of Dice,
Mistakes Will Make Me Pay The Price;
And This Is What Makes Us Think Twice,
Before We Step Into Hard Ice;
But What Can I Do Now,
I-‘m Already In The Middle Of Love;
I Can-‘t Get Away Because I Don-‘t Want To,
And I Strongly Feel, That My Love For You Is True;
I-‘d Rather Die Than Live Without You,
I-‘d Wait For You In The Morning Dew,
And This Time I-‘d Pray For Something New,
And That Is You;
I Can See The Sun Rise Above,
A Feeling Of Satisfaction Has Come Now,
Ahead In The Distance I Can See You Come,
Joy And Shock Makes Me Numb;
I Fall On My Knees And Thank God,
Tears Dripping Down, It May Look Odd;
But Those Are The Tears,
That Are Very Near,
To My Heart And My Soul,
And That Fills The Hole;
I-‘d Ask You, -Å—why Did You Run Away-,
And Then If You Had Nothing To Say,
I Would Understand That You Missed Me Too,
And That Is Why I Love You Too-Â…