This pain inside these silent tears i8217ve

This Pain Inside
These Silent Tears
I’ve Kept Them Hidden
For Many Years
This Life I Lead
These Things I Do
I’ve Kept Them Hidden
And No One Knew
This Person I Am
These Parts Of Me
I’ve Kept Them Hidden
Let No One See
Then You Came Along
So Different From The Rest
No More Did I Hide
The Worst Or The Best
You Excepted Who I Was
Every Last Part Of It
And On Top Of That
My World You Lit
Now I Am Changing
But Still You Are Here
And That You Will Leave
I Do Not Have To Fear
I Just Want To Thank You
For Being My Friend
And Changing My World
From Beginning To End
If You Are Reading This
You’ll Know Who You Are
You’re My Best Friend
And My Shining Star