This usually isn8217t me how can it

This Usually Isn’t Me,
How Can It Be Real
But I Constantly Find Myself
Wondering How, About Me, Do You Feel.

We Haven’t Even Met
Or Even Really Talked All That Much.
But There Is Something About You
That Effects Me Just Such.
No Matter What I’m Doing
At Home Or Out,
I Find That It’s You Im Thinking Of
And On That Have No Doubt.
You Are Unlike Anyone
I Have Ever Met,
And Not Telling You How I Feel
Would Be My Only Regret.
Your Heart And Your Beauty
To Me, Have No Equal,
Your Sweetness And Personality
Are Not Superficial.
In Two Years Of Looking
There Hans Been Not One,
To Move Me And Affect Me
The Way That You Have Done.
I Don’t Know How You Feel
And Afraid Of Just A Crush,
Im Not Saying I Love You
That Would Obviously Be In A Rush.
But What I Do Know
Is That I Think Of You Alot,
And When I Get The Chance To Talk To You
I Know I’ve Been Caught.
After Reading This Poem
I Will Probably Have Pushed You Away,
But Being Honest To You And Myself
The Way I Look At It, Is The Only Way.
Whether I Still Hear
From You Or Not,
I Want You To Know That You’ve Brought Back
Feelings I Thought Id Forgot.
You Are An Awesome Person
And I Want You To Know,
This World Is A Better Place
For The Beauty And Grace That You Bestow.
So I’ll Close This
With My Stomach In A Knot
I Hope To Still Hear From You
Because I Think Of You Alot.