Thousands of miles separate us we are

Thousands Of Miles Separate Us.
We Are Said To Be Miles Apart,
But Never Was I Alone Baby,
Everyday Youre With Me, In My Prayers,
Thoughts And In Every Heartbeat.
I Know Just How Much You Wanted To Stay,
With Me By Your Side, You Found Tranquility,
That I Know You Had Searched For Almost An Eternity.
In My Eyes You See Sincerity
In My Hands You Found Certainty,
In My Hugs, You Feel Love Abundantly,
In My Kiss, You Taste Passion So Sweetly.
For You, My Smile Speaks Laughter
My Laughter Turns Into Singing
My Glances To You Seem Soul Searching.
How Do I Know All These? You Ask
I Just Know Because Its The Way I Feel For You
With You Days Are Forever, Your Breath Is My Life
And Your Love Is Another Reason For Existence.
But My Sweetest, You Had To Leave,
I Know It Wont Be Forever,
So I Have To Be Strong To Carry On,
If I Have To Weep, Have To Keep It Brief
For I Know All The Waiting Blue Is Worth Through.
So My Love, My Heart Will Always Long For You.
Yearn For Your Burning Touch, Passionate Kiss And Warm Love,
For You, My Baby, Waiting I Shall Patiently Do..
by tinyshark