Thunder echos off the walls sky8217s a

Thunder Echos Off The Walls.
The Sky’s A Frightful Black.
People Gather In The Halls
Too Restless To Go Back.
Lightning Flashes In The Clouds.
Rains Descend As Darkened Shrouds.
Nature’s Dirge Sends Cleansing Rain.
The Earth Becomes As New Again.
Our Lives Are As A Threatening Storm.
Dark Cloud’s Of Sin Leave Us Forlorn
Until God’s Grace, As Cleansing Rain
Removes The Dirt Of Doubt And Pain.
Renewed By Grace, We Then Can Be
God’s Light So Those Who Search Can See
That Christ Is There Amid The Storm,
Reclaiming Souls Which Sin Has Torn.
Let Us Not Fear What Trials May Come.
Through Faith And Prayer The Battle’s Won.
When The Clouds Are Gone Away
We’re Strengthened For Another Day.