Tonight under a moonlit sky the passion

Tonight, Under A Moonlit Sky
The Passion Between Us Grows,
Laying On The Sand You And I
We Hold Each Other Closely And Tight,
We Kiss Tenderly As The Waves Creates Music For Our Souls To Dance To, For Our Hearts To Enjoy.
The Warmth Of Your Hands, The Feeling On My Skin, As You Caress Me, In The Darkest Of The Night.
My Desire Grows, I Want You And I To Make Love, To The Rhythm Of The Waves Crashing Against The Rocks.
Let Them Be The Guide To The Rhythm Of Our Bodies, To The Touch Of Your Hands, To The Passionate Kisses, To The Flames In Our Hearts.
Ohh! I Want To Be Taken, I Want The Sea, The Sand, The Stars In The Sky, To Be Witness, When We Make Love To Each Other All Through The Night,
Taming The Passion Deep Inside.
I Feel The Gentle Touch Of Your Hands Caressing My Breasts, Your Fingers Exploring My Body, As You With Your Gentleness Penetrate It, Taking Me Slowly
Making Me Feel The Passion Deep Inside.
Our Ecstasy Grows, Our Bodies Exploding In A Rage, That Only Two Lovers Like You And I Share,
As We Give To Each Other Our Bodies, Passion,Love, Our Souls.