Top model film star and glamour girl

Top Model, Film Star And Glamour Girl
With Dark Brown Hair In Subtle Curl
Stylish Walk, So Slim And Tall
A ‘Southern Belle’ Who Had It All.
She Walked Through Paris Gracefully
With Scarlett O’hara Mentality,
Wondering Who Was Looking Her Way
‘Twas ‘Fiddle-De-Dee’ All Of The Day.
Admiring Glances Flew Quite Freely
On The Avenue Of The Champs Elysees,
But Her Feminine Charm Seemed To Wane,
Glamour Had ‘Gone With The Wind’ And Rain.
Droplets Fell From Her Beautiful Face
Mascara Became A Fearful Disgrace;
Brunette Locks Were Straggly And Wet
And Not One Sweet Glance Did She Beget.
Oh What Humility Descended That Morn
On Scarlett O’hara – Lost And Forlorn,
But A Voice From Within Said Secretly:
‘There’s Always Tomorrow, Fiddle-De-Dee