Touch the first born dont let him

Touch The First Born
Don-‘t Let Him Cry
He Believes In You
Why Don-‘t You Do The Same?
A Man Can Only Go So Far
Then He Has To Stop
Stop The Anger Of The King From Telling Him To Stop
The Growing Of His Dreams
Let Your Childhood Follow You To The Top
Let It Hold Your Hand
For A Man Can Only Go So Far
Then He Has To Stop
Let Yourself Fall Boy
Let Yourself Cry
You Need To Clean Your Soul
Someday Before It Starts To Die
Come Dance With Me
I-‘ll Show You The Other Way
Clean Your Heart My Love
Let The Blood Flow Clean
Reroute Your Wonderings
Find A Path That Will Let You Fly
I Love You BoyƒÂ³
I Don-‘t Want You To Cut Off Your Wings
I Don-‘t Want Your Love To Grow Cold
I Don-‘t Want You To Forget The Light That We Once Found
I Want To Lay In It Together
I Don-‘t Want This Pain To Dry The Land Of Your Heart
I Want You To Grow Up To Be Strong
Stronger Than You And I Can Foresee
I-‘ll Come With You
I Swear It
I-‘ll Follow To The End
When You Fall Down
I-‘ll Help You Up
Listen To The Child
The One Who Wants To Run Free
The One Who Climes Towards The Stars
For A Man Can Only Go So Far
Before He Has To Stop