Upon the wheel turns clay close youre

Upon The Wheel Turns The Clay, Close You-‘re Eyes Now
He Softly Say-‘s Let You-‘re Thoughts Just Drift Away Let
You-‘re Heart Mould It, What Can I Say But Feel The Clay,
Don-‘t Open Those Eyes Because They-‘ll Lead You Astray,
Just Feel You-‘re Way, I-‘ll Be There Every Step Of The Way,
Together Like Gentle Lovers They Play, Getting To Know The
Other Inside Out As They Say, For Two Artists There Is No Other
Way, Feel You-‘re Art And The Love Will Be With You Forever And A Day-Â…
Blindfolded Everyday She Works On Her Medium, Her Beloved Clay
Loves Her Artist In So Many Ways, Now He Whispers The Day-‘s The Day
To Take The Blindfold Away, But She-‘s Scared Because She Loved The Way
He Made Her Feel Each Day, Closeness She Never Felt In Any Way, And Will He
Leave And Walk Away, God Don-‘t Take That Away, He Smiles Come On Look What
You Have Made, His Face Perfectly Engraved, Guess You-‘re Hearts Made Up Its Mind
What It Wants I-‘d Say