Was today boring beacause it really or

Was Today Boring
Beacause It Was Really Boring
Because It Wasn’t Spent
With My Thoughts Nestled In You
You, With Your Brown Skin, Magnetic Aura
I Feel Slight Shame In This Wanting
To Drink From Your Fountain Of Illusions
Like A Cold Bottle Of Spring Water
Then, To Douse Your Empty Soul
In My Pool Of Fantasies
In That Order
No Sunlight Met Me Today
Only A Slight Drizzle Since Morning
And Since Morning, I’ve Been Pouting
Like A Vexed Child At An Unhappy Birthday Party
Could Hardly Wait To Hear From You
After Continously Being Void Of Response
I Need To Part With My Needs And Wants
Before I Led Myself Into A Deep Hole Of Bullshit
But The Need And Want To Quit
At Times, Is Just A Bit Out Of My Will
So Either I Will
Or, I Won’t
But I’ll Be Waiting…
by InMyMind‚