We had a night id like to

We Had A Night I-‘d Like To Tell About
Consisting Of An Extraordinary Meal
The Food Was Simply Delicious
With A Down-Home Country Feel
The Place In Which I Ordered My Food
It Was One It-‘d Never Have Expected
It Was At The Fire Extinguisher
I Was Not Even Really Directed
The Food Was Oh, So Scrumptious
Hamburger Steak Cooked On The Grill
Caramelized Onions Plopped On Top
I Can Taste That Flavor Still
Crispy Fries And Freshly Made Salad
With Dressing Fit For A King
Perfect For A Party
Or Out For A Saturday Night Fling
Yes, We Had A Wonderful Time
If We Hadn-‘t It Would Have Been A Pity
But We Did Find This Restaurant On
Saturday Night In Dill City