We keep the pain inside us feel

We Keep The Pain
Inside Us, We Feel Happy Too At Times
But Happiness Seems To Be
A Bad Teacher
Whatever Lesson Is Found There
We Always Easily Forget

Pain Is Magnificent
When It Comes We Really Feel It
Down To The Last Nerve
To The Last Marrow Of Our Bones
Even Rattling
With The Sound Of Its Groans And Wailings
And So Here I Am Again
Writing, Learning, Exposing
The Poet Of Pain
Unswerving, And You May Not Like This
I, Am, This, Poet,
This, Pain, This, Universe
Where, You, Also, Revolve,
Take, Orbit, Where,
You, Are, A, Part,
Of, This, Poem, Please,
Move, On, We, May, Have,
This, Needless, Collision,
Let Me Have
My Way, I Am About To