We never intended it to go this

We Never Intended It
To Go This Far
We Never Were Seeking
Love Or Even Romance
We Never Dreamed This
Would Happen To Us

We Began As Strangers
That Grew To Be Friends
We Began By
Being Reticent And Careful
We Began To Grow
More Open And Candid
We Revealed Our Thoughts
And Our Emotions
We Revealed Our Bodies
Through Descriptive Words
We Revealed Our Desires
Our Longings, Our Wants
But I Will Never Experience
The Scent Of Her Desire
I Will Never Hear
Her Moans Of Pleasure
I Will Never Caress
Her Creamy Skin
We Live Over A
Thousand Miles Apart
We Each Live Bound
Permanently To Another
We Live Connected Only
By A Thin Copper Wire
If Only We Had Met
Many Years Ago
If Only We Had Met
When We Were Both Free
If Only Cyberspace
Were Real Space …