Well i think its time for me

Well, I think it-‘s time for me to go
To move on with my life without you-Â…
And to face reality itself,
To let go of dreaming.
I have nothing but myself to offer,
Myself with lots of hung ups.
And thinking that-Â…who would accept?
It-‘s just me, loving without asking,
Without expectation.
With thoughts of my past,
Learned and grown.
And still I choose to be different.
And it-‘s not that easy-Â…
Being different will have to face great expectation.
From being true to yourself just don-‘t get affected
By the people around-Â…
Explore and you-‘ll be rewarded,
Not by those people who questioned-Â…
But by how strong you stand for fighting,
Love and love with no expectation.

by k3log‚