When everybody else fall in love i

When Everybody Else Fall In Love, I Too, Fall
When Everybody Else Gets Hurt, I Don-‘t
When Everybody Else Cries, I Don-‘t
You May Say, It-‘s No Perfect Love, Mine Is
The Mere Sight Of Looking Draws Me To A Heaven-‘s Wonder
It-‘s The First Time-Â…. Never Been This Way,
Never Will Become Again,
More Than An Endless Feeling
Like A Breathing That Goes With Life
An Ode To Shake Sphere-‘s Modern Version
A Piece Of Beautiful Creation That Works
Every Second Of The Seconds-Â…..
I Love Its Way Of Bringing Me Closer To Perfection
So Slowly, Yet So Serene-Â….
A Sight That Holds My Heart,
Till The World Gets Jealous,
Nothing Could Compare-Â…
The Happiness It Embraces Me
I-‘ll Forever Hold N Mind
It Is Mine,
As Long As There Is A Tulip That Grows In Holland-‘s Field
I Will Fall In Love Once In This Lifetime,
by amesouer