When i laid my eyes upon him

When I Laid My Eyes Upon Him
I Knekw That He Was Someone Special
From The First Time He Said Hi
I Got All Tingly Inside
From The First Day That I Saw Him
I Always Said He Was Soo Cute
He Has A Great Big Smile
And Eyes That Shine For Miles

I Find His Voice Soo Sexy
He Sounds Deep, Genuine, And Appealing
But Most Of All I Love His Voice
Because His Boston Accent Is Soo Wild
Everytime He Walks By Me
I See His Head Look Side To Side
His Eyes Go Awandering
To See If I Am Close By
I’ve Accidentally Walked Into Him
Five Or Six Different Times
He Always Told Me ‘Look Out’
Because He Was Looking Out For My Safety
He Told Me I Was His Dream Team
I Could Not Help But Smile
I Know Its Probably Just His Way Of Flirting
But He Is Making It All My Worth While
I Don’t Want To See Him G
Because I Love To Be In His Presence
I Feel What We Hay Have Had
Is Special And Not All That Bad
He Makes Me Laugh, He Makes Me Smile
He Is The One I Want For Now
I Love The Names, I Love The Jokes
But Most Of All I Love The Most, The Way I Feel When I Am Beside Him