When im not with u i get

when im not with u i get this heartbreaking feeling
this feeling as if my heart were peeling
when we dont speak, i dont know how what to do
i just cant go by without saying i love you
you are my everything
you are my favorite song that i sing
i think about you all the time , your always on my mind
i want to let you know that i will never leave your side
i want this to be forever
so me leaving you, that will be never
never will i leave you
as long as you treat me the way you do
some people say that we won’t last
but have you noticed that almost 3 months have went by so fast
when i look into your eyes i get this temptation
tempting to let you love me down
and watch teh hands on the clock go all the way around
if i ever need assistance you will be there
that lets me know that you care
yo uwill always be my friend., best friend , and my baby
since you came into my life that is teh best thing that ever happened
you came to me and let me know
that out of my life you will never go
so i want to let you know that i love you
and that i don’t ever want to live without you
mahal na mahal kita baby

by nathenrhea‚