When we are loving i am alive

When We Are Loving
I Am Alive..
When We Fight
I Am Crying Inside..
And All I Wanna
Do Is Die..

When I Here You Breathe,
When You Sleep.
My Heart Skips A Beat.
When You Laugh.
My Heart Hears Angels
When You Cry.
It Makes Me Wanna Die.
For I Know Pain Is
Our Sorrow.
When You Say You Love Me.
I Just Wanna Be Next To You.
So My Lips Can Touch Yours.
When You Lay Me Down To Sleep.
I Know It’s My Bed You Should Be.
But Your So Far Away.
When We Make Love.
I Never Wanna Stop.
For It’s Your Body I Want
Next To Me.
It’s You And Me
And Me And You
For When You
See My Heart
You See Me.
And When You
See Me..
Forever It Can Be You And Me..
I Love The Way You Love Me.
I Wish I Was Closer To The Love
We Share.
When You Call Me Your Wife.
That’s What I Want To Be.
For God Made You For Me
You Are My Angel Sent
From Above..