When you say love me do really

When You Say You Love Me
Do You Really Mean It
When You Call Me Baby
Is It What You Really Want To Call Me
Is It Such A Hassle To Show Your True Feelings

Is It The Pressure Of Me Telling You I Love You
When I Dont Expect The Same Answers Back
All I Want Is Honesty On What You Really Feel
For I Wont Be Unhappy
If I Knew You Didnt Love Me
As Long As Im By Ur Side
When You Look At Me
Theres Something About You
I Really Dont Know What It Is
But Its Like You Have Been Hurt Before.
I Dont Want To Make You Unhappy
Cos I Truely Love You With All My Heart
I Expect You To Do The Same Thing Back
I Dont Want To Hurt Either
But At Times I Dont Feel Like You Appriciate Me
I Want To Be The Only Girl In The Little World Of Yours
But You Never Show Or Make Feel Like Your Only Girl
For All I Want Is Your Full Attention And For You To Believe In Me.
by Cuddly84‚